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Watergirl And Fireboy

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Watergirl and Fireboy" is an interesting flash game not only because of unusual story, but also due to opportunity to play together. Sure exciting for everybody, isn`t it? It`s game about the adventures of "Watergirl" and "Fireboy". Theywere tucked away in the forest temple and you need to help them solve all the puzzles met on their way. Immerse yourself in a world of Water and Fire.You will travel through a terrible maze, collect a lot of useful items and overcome perilous traps and obstacles. Each of the characters has unique abilities and limits. Fireboy cannot pass through water obstacles and Watergirl through fire, and both of them cannot stand green mud barriers. You must solve all the puzzles with joint actions to get to the end.The game is designed for two players and control is performed by using the keyboard: "Arrows" are responsible for Fireboy`s movement, and WASD buttons for Watergirl`s. Everything is made specifically for two players, learn to act together.You will find levers and buttons to control the platforms or elevators, fans that take you into air, and boulders that you can push and roll. There also happen situations where one of the characters cannot overcome an obstacle, then the other one should use these objects and mechanisms to open a way through for the partner. Try to pass all the levels as quickly as possible, collecting all valuable items, but remember that each character can only collect diamonds of the same color: Fireboy - red and Watergirl - blue, as each character has to get in the door of his color. You need to act as a team and help each other overcome obstacles on the way to the exit, and in case of death of one of the two players, both have to go through the level again. If you collect all the Crystals, and do it quickly, you will get the "A" result; if you forget to pick up a crystal or fail to fit in a certain time the result will be "B" or "C". Your overall task then is to go through all the stages of the game, solving complex and fascinating puzzles. Your most important goal is to collect diamonds and get to the door, together, out of the maze, unharmed. "Watergirl and Fireboy" includes 37 levels, with each following level much different from the previous one. Playing together with your friends is much more funny and interesting. Also, since the game calculates your points, depending on the passage time, cooperation playing will let you get better results. Use the possibilities of characters correctly, go through the levels very quickly and collect all the crystals.

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